In every journey a moment of action creates an uncertainty before the events that are to come, just as in the process of realization of a creative work, a creator is surrounded by a permanent uncertainty. During this period of time, the artist must answer and face different questions and issues that frequently come up during the creative process.You have a clear idea of the creative work but not of its complete form. For this reason, the search for formal solutions is constant and requires an enormous mental and cognitive effort. This uncertainty of the mind is what stimulates the author to develop as an artist and also motivates him to take on new projects.It is dangerous to fall into monotony and conformism, either by the exhaustion of ideas or, even if it seems contradictory, by the rewards of success.You must always ask new questions that lead you to doubt and cause you to think anew without considering what has already been done.The creative process is by no means linear, there are many failures. Mistakes that lead to corrections and changes in the way you work in order to continue to grow in your personal career. As stated by Alfredo Munoz, a social psychologist at the Universidad of Complutense in Madrid: 'You should not lose the ability to have fun'