To build is to merge art and life, that would be the motto that my countryman, the Asturian SUÁREZ REGUERA, seems to show us through his work.

Erecting, from and from iron, to flee and avoid the ephemeral, the perishable, that which, as soon as you get up, is already falling. But it also offers us a visual display that does not pretend to reconcile or relate what is not. They are not fictions or simulacra, they are, on the contrary, matter by virtue of which a cartography is made that indicates the plasticity of some landmarks and the aesthetics of some references that become vehicles that we need to know.

The sculpture, in him, surpasses limits in order to tend towards new spaces, distances, confines that we could inhabit through the gaze, but also so close as to scrutinize them, touch them, internalize their experiences, understand them. The mystery of these buildings delves into us and we into it, we mutually cement and celebrate that this arrangement responds to a reality that is alive.

And although they appear to be sustained in the air, it is because the surface is all and it serves it whole, complete, in order that the articular disposition is developed through the imaginary that bases it, a reflection on the non-existence of creative and cosmogonic borders .