At first glance, the work of Fernando Suárez collects corporeal structures of bodies that have left flesh and part of the skeleton on the way; however, as soon as we observe the issue, the forms maintain a sufficient skeleton that allows a sustained dynamics in time and space. Thus, the volumes made of metallic muscles and nerves are indicative of a zoomorphic existentialism, in which the dimension changes according to reflections that multiply, and even deform the argumentation, so that each one perceives their own fit. It is the work of a sculptor with the necessary trade to articulate materials, iron and steel, resin or bronze, and integrate an idea that leads to its last term. With shapes modeled on the basis of imagination and knowledge; welding elements, grafting wood with metal, until representing the fleeting moment of an instant and apprehending the impulses of a meaning.

Fernando Suárez presents a set of sculptures of which the power of an always lasting determination remains, with the memory; frames of species in different situations, tense or running figures, females and ants; with submerged bodies that multiply or change dimension according to the mirror where it is reflected.

It is the work of a capable artist who goes to sculpture without cheating or cardboard, and makes the nuts and bolts, the wires and the plates that he articulates, and that puts into question, another way of seeing the other side of the existence through structures that ring like bells.