Fernando Suarez is an enormously versatile sculptor. His training, his mastery of the environment, and his untiring creative capacity, allow him to travel on many different paths of creativity, although these paths may share similar challenges.He works preferably with iron and bronze, but it is surprising the multiple resources he uses to diversify its production.From utilizing materials like resin for example, to manipulating the multiplying effects of mirrors, or to exploit all the options offered by the Spatial occupation, with a singular obsession for movement and weightlessness.He is primarily interested in the human body, and is capable of deepening both his psychic surroundings with the most varied formal solutions. He uses a model of a strong man, strong muscular complexion, pushed to the most unsuspecting limits.Active, restless, tried-and-tested man who must overcome, who jumps, climbs, runs, fights, or maintains balance, in a continuous game of equilibrium.Fernando Suarez possesses an unusual mastery of capturing the rhythm, the gesture, the precise moment to freeze an image in time while studying its dynamic potential. He is a special man, whose muscles are shaped with metal blades and rods, and therefore is also a hybrid machine, often immersed in suggestive futuristic poses.But he also studies the individual as a creator, as inventor of vehicles and gadgets, or as a being that transforms his environment. This involves bridges, architecture, and unique buildings from exotic settings evoking distant environments, or blocks of flats under construction or destroyed by fire, urban agglomerations, or the ironic circulatory chaos shown in an absurd and endless circle. All are constructructive and structural, sometimes very complex, that allows him to explore new and rich possibilities utliziing plastic



Moisés Bazán de Huerta

                                                                                           Universidad de Extremadura