The works of Fernando Suárez, surprise by the intelligent and visceral plastic interpretation of the represented objects, as well as by the creative lucidity, the refined construction technique and the completely renovating conception regarding the treatment of the formal aspects in apparently conventional objects.

Starting from a concept based on purely realistic principles, supported by a solid academic training, Fernando Suárez, disintegrates the forms towards a neo-figurative expressionism. A meticulous drawing that offers a disintegrating vision of the object, which gives his works a balanced force by the structural solidity of the compositional schemes.

Movement, present as a constant in each and every one of the works that make up the exhibition, gives it a fundamental dynamism. Objects roam the room as if it were the perfect container for a fantastic scenography, where beings endowed with an unusual futuristic magic, roam freely in another time, in another space.

The interaction of materials as diverse as iron and bronze with different types of resins, constitute a contribution in the constructive methodology of contemporary sculptural processes that should also be highlighted.