Imagine! But with the seriousness in which children imagine .... With the same ludic and dramatic capacity of erected theatrical stages .... And .... if I close my eyes ....  I can imagine the work of Fernando. Like elaborate theatrical scenery! With its acrobats, athletes, warriors, astronauts ... its "stolen" cars crashing into the wall, helicopters, flying artifacts, remains removed from a shipwreck ....Its "decorated" stilts from far away places , oriental huts, ships of the industrial era, floating cities .... and, even a private zoo, with its "light and shadow" and its "background music" ... because here the silence ends with sound and the iron comes to life .... And all are dressed in dark and steel skates .... From here, we can imagine all possible arguments, all written or to be written dialogues, all the scenes to be developed and all the rhythms to choose from.... So variations can be combinations and various possibilities of plastic and theatrics.If theater is "two actors, a blanket and a passion",as Lope de Vega once said, we have the ingredients in generous quantity, especially the passion. And to us, the spectators, it is up to us to put the clasp on every work that needs to be finished because, in the end, no work of art can go without the contemplation, understanding, and recognition of the true recipients: "we" the spectators ... 



Mª Luisa Alonso 

Art Critic.