There is a common denominator, beyond the plastic coherence, that unites the production of Fernando Suárez. All his figures show a marked impetus, an irrepressible desire to advance, whose nerve is sometimes multiplied by the multiplying reflex that develops the wise articulation of The mirrors.

This desire to advance is developed under an intricate network of spatial conceptions that the Oviedo artist handles with special success: the suspension or transgression of gravity, the overcoming of the fall in short, forms the essential thematic nucleus of some works where he acquires special protagonism the technification of the movement.

But beyond these obvious kinetic-rooted approaches, the authentic movement is the one posed by the artist with respect to his sculptural proposal. Fernando Suárez's work represents the culmination of the artist's first maturity, and the confirmation of his independence from the usual sculptural registers. In this sense, the artist extracts all possible registers (technical, material, tactile, compositional and evocative) from bronze, iron, steel, wood and resin, to configure a production that is highly expressive.