Sculptures by Fernando Suárez Reguera, at ECAD

Posted on October 21, 2013 | 1 comment

On October 2, the “insert COIN” exhibition, consisting of works by the sculptor in iron and bronze, was inaugurated at the Adolfo Domínguez Cultural Space (Puerta Cinegia Shopping Center, Coso nº 35, Zaragoza) (although it also uses other materials -resin, silicone , mirrors- and resources) Fernando Suárez Reguera, which you can visit until the 27th of this month from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 9 pm.

Fernando, an Asturian of origin and a long-time resident of Madrid, has a degree in Fine Arts (specialty of Sculpture) from the Complutense University and has starred or participated in more than 130 exhibitions, in Spain and abroad, since 1995.

In addition to an extraordinary technique, the artist expresses his taste for the human figure in action, which he endows with an athletic structure typical of the comic but also influenced by classical Greco-Roman aesthetics.

At the same time, it represents in a fantastic way architectural and technical creations of man: boats, bridges, buildings, urban spaces, automobiles, etc., but endowing all this with an extraordinary originality, in the embodiment of the individual object and in the scenic composition, just as appreciated in works that show interaction between human beings. In this sense we highlight, just as an example, the magnificent hunting scene of a prehistoric proboscide by a group of men.

There are often biological elements added by his imagination, such as those houses or human beings with roots, as well as combinations of man with his technical constructions, without lacking the playful spirit, as can be seen even in the title of his exhibitions.